Machines for working at heights are specialized equipment and, as such, cannot be driven on public roads. To transport the machines to the work site, adequate transportation needs to be arranged. SAB Ltd. has several transport vehicles in its fleet with different characteristics and load capacities.

The MAN TGX 18.440 tractor with a three-axle semi-trailer Frühauf CTFA3, with a load capacity of up to 36,200 kg, is an ideal solution for transporting larger machines or simultaneously transporting several smaller ones. For smaller loads, we use tow trucks such as the Mercedes 914 with a load capacity of up to 4,500 kg and the Volvo FL6 with a load capacity of up to 7,100 kg.

The transportation cost does not depend on the quantity of machines you rent but on the number of trips and vehicles used. For example, the same price applies to transporting four electric scissor lifts as well as transporting one large diesel scissor lift along with articulating boom lifts.

Under "small platforms," we include all electric scissor lifts, as well as SkyJack 6832 RT and 7135 RT diesel scissor lifts. All other diesel scissor lifts are considered "large" based on their dimensions. Self-propelled telescopic booms such as JLG 860SJ and JLG 1200SJP completely occupy the semi-trailer and are transported individually. The mentioned examples are purely informative; of course, we can load one large platform and several small ones onto the semi-trailer or create any other combination that fits its dimensions and load capacity.

For all information, you can call our logistics center at +381 65 274 55 55, and in a conversation with our manager, you can schedule the transportation of your cargo.

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